We’re recognizing educators across the globe with our Educator of the Year Awards. Nominate someone who is making an impact in education and deserves the spotlight.

In 2021, we received 2.9k submissions, 4.6k votes, and named one outstanding winner.

Now, we’re taking it up a notch. One award isn’t enough. This year there are five, spotlighting various ways that educators are making a difference with their students, peers, and communities!

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The awards

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Creates equitable, inclusive learning environments. Tackles obstacles head-on.

Brings people in the educator community together to collaborate and grow.

Uses Flocabulary in extraordinary ways. Deserves the ultimate *mic drop*!

Brings magic to the classroom by fostering a love of learning in students! Always going the extra mile.

Champions Nearpod with other teachers. Always the go-to for Nearpod support and innovative ideas.

Nearpod's Educator of the Year 2021: Elisha Burns

"Thank you so much for the recognition. The truth is, I feel that teaching is a calling and for me it is a way to make a difference in young lives. The help that I give to others is just me working hard to do what I feel I was called to do. This is a very challenging time in education, and the only way to get through it is to come alongside others and support one another. The use of technology is now essential in all classrooms to make online and in person learning happen, and it is because of awesome resources like Nearpod that we have been successful in the continuity of educating students. Thank you again for this amazing recognition."

Elisha Burns from Juniata Elementary School in Pennsylvania, USA